The Project Begins

Week 3 – First steps

Our project began with the first course lecture, where one of our course teachers showed the last year’s previous works. These works included IoT mirrors, voice recognizing machines, FOG projects and so on. Basically the goal for this first lesson was to learn what kind of projects there were made in the last course, and the type of projects the teachers would wish we could try to make.

For two weeks, our group thought about the possible idea for our project. We had numerous Discord meetings and WhatsApp group conversations, where we discussed about our options.

Week 3 – Brainstorming

Some of the options that we had in mind that we wanted to do.

  • IoT sensor, that measures the height of the snow
  • IoT spray, that can automatically and periodically keep a household’s restroom fresh, or a mosquito repelling automatic spray system for a household
  • IoT Door lock, that opens only with a particular sensor, key etc.
  • AR Goggles for runners, that could show distance, pulse, calories burned etc.
  • IoT dog collar, that would send the owner a signal through an application, and also in dark you could turn on led lights for the collar so that you could spot the dog easier
  • IoT device, that could exploit WPA2 protocols with KRACK, and gaining access to a Wi-Fi connection

Week 4 – Presenting our ideas

After we had collected a list of ideas, our group presented them to our course instructor on the next meeting. Most of these ideas were discarded by our group or our instructor with following reasons:

  • IoT snow sensor The sensor was picked up by another group who were faster in deciding than us.
  • IoT spray The spray was deemed to be too easy to make by our course instructor.
  • IoT Door lock Our group decided the lock would be too easy to make.
  • AR Goggles for runners We couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to create glasses that were thin and transparent enough, that you could see through them.
  • IoT dog collar The dog collar idea has been made numerous times, and there are finished products that exist. We didn’t see this as a great thing, so we discarded the idea.
  • IoT Wi-Fi penetration device  <–

So after we figured out that we wanted to try out the Wi-Fi penetration, we went to negotiate with the course instructor the possibility of making this. Our teacher liked the idea, and suggested that our project could be a research about Wi-Fi security, where we would test out the Wi-Fi penetration in a safe testing environment.

Thus the idea for our project was: Wi-Fi Penetration Testing Project, or in short – WPTP 

Week 4 – Creating the project platforms

Once our project idea was clear, it was time to make our GitHub and WordPress platforms for our project.

We needed to figure out a name for our project – we deemed that WPTP would be just a name to reference our project – but it needed something to stand out. We figured that since our projects core idea is to make an intrusion into the Wi-Fi network, we ended up with the name Project Intrustion.

This WordPress will contain all our blog posts, info about us and info about our project.



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