Kali Linux

Now that we had our equipment it was time to install Kali to our laptops. Kali Linux contains numerous tools and gadgets that are highly used by pen testers all around the globe.  For example it contains Wireshark – that we will use to sniff and inject packets, and Aircrack-ng – which is a tool used to monitor and crack into Wi-Fi networks.

Firstly, I would like to note that cracking WEP/WPA2 does not work if you have Kali installed on a Virtual Machine. We installed Kali Linux on a machine made with VirtualBox. For some reason it does not recognize the wifi adapter (it shows the error: No Wifi adapter found..)

We then proceeded to install Kali 64 bit on a bootable USB drive. We used Rufus as a tool to make our USB drives boot into Kali Linux. We had some issues booting into the USB drive, for when booting into Kali with had a “SECURITY BOOT VIOLATION” error show up on our screen. After searching for a few moments we found out that this is a new EFI feature. When installing an OS on your computer, by default it only allows to boot on the same type of OS. So naturally, booting into Linux based distro is not allowed if you have Windows installed – and vice versa.

To allow booting into Kali Linux from USB Drive, you need to disable Secure Boot from the BIOS in the Boot options to allow booting into Linux if you have Windows based OS.

So after we had secure boot turned off, we booted the USB drive from BIOS and was greeted with a couple of options. We chose the “Live” boot.


After that the installation was complete!




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